My excitement for "creating something new" was already apparent during my school years. Being lucky that I grew up while the mainstream internet was born, I quickly became fascinated of building my own websites for many years. All while experiencing the rapid advancements of computers as well as web technologies myself.

Today, while (mostly) not developing myself anymore, the great feeling and excitement I experience when I finally "publish" something new stayed as fulfilling as ever!

This feeling can nowadays be triggered by the launch of a new venture, a successful new team hire, an obtained investment, or an exciting new product feature.

My personality type is INTJ, a strategic thinker and planner by nature, and also called the "Architect" personality. Thus, you can call me the architect of impactful new ventures :)

My Core Expertise

  • venture building: building, validating, and growing new digital business models, working as Venture Director
  • launching web and mobile products from scratch
  • FinTech and E-Commerce specialist, in addition decent know-how in Digital Health, Education, and B2B SaaS solutions.
  • enabling top-class product management in fast-growing start-ups, working as CPO
  • recruiting and managing start-up teams
  • possessing profound tech expertise
  • building and managing large nearshore IT teams, working as Interim CTO
  • scaling a company from very small (< 5) to 100+ employees
  • digitalizing existing processes and services
  • conducting company-wide agile transformations
  • coaching product owners and mentoring start-ups


(Tech) Skills

Building and Managing Internet Ventures. Consulting. Web and Mobile Frontend Technologies. PHP Backend. mySQL. jQuery. IoT Solutions. JSON/XML APIs. Bootstrap. Wordpress. Project and Product Management. Data Analytics. BI. Tableau. Digitalization. Product Strategy and Vision. Branding. SCRUM. KANBAN. MVP Testing. Paid Marketing. Growth Hacking. SEO. A/B Testing.

Professional Highlights

2017 — Building and scaling start-ups for corporates at Stryber.
2016 — Built largest fantasy sports platform for tennis fans.
2015 — Joined the FinTech world.
2014 — Fostered local start-up communities in Europe.
2013 — Attended Awesomenessfest.
2012 — Established leading mobile app agency in Austria.
2011 — Publication "Online Idea Contests: Identifying Factors for User Retention".
2010 — Scholarship for academic excellence.


I am

Self-Starter. Organized. Analytical. Keen Listener. Introvert. Residence Floater.
Traveler. Hiker. Delicious Food Addict. Tennis Enthusiast.

    Nuremberg         New York         Berlin         Los Angeles         Vienna         Hamburg         Munich    


A small extract of my portfolio across fields like FinTech, E-Commerce, Education, AdTech, or LegalTech.
For the latest ventures see our Stryber Portfolio.

Let's build awesome ventures together!

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I welcome requests from anywhere in the world.


I support established companies and start-ups in the following areas

(Digital) Ventures

  • Building, validating, and growing new digital business models.
  • Conducting market analyses to identify (technological) trends and potential new ventures for your company.
  • Advice and feedback on your business (model) and help on complex decision-making.
  • Accompanying and guiding the implementation phase, accomplishing product-to-market fit and testing all relevant hypotheses.

(Digital) Products

  • Launching successful web and mobile products from scratch that are novel, user-friendly, and create true impact and user excitement.
  • Enabling top-class product management in your company, recommending tools and processes.
  • Developing sound vision, strategy, roadmap and monetization options for a product.
  • Identifying processes, know-how and resources needed to enable a successful product launch.
  • Other: concept and design/mock-up reiteration, technical specification, MVP development and testing, agile development, early-stage user feedback, growth strategies, conducting company-wide agile transformations.

(Startup) Teams

  • Recruiting and managing (interim) kick-ass start-up teams and people.
  • Building and managing (interim) large nearshore IT teams.
  • Joining your company as interim CxO for a limited time.
  • Coaching and developing (product) teams.

(Startup) Organization

  • Setting up the right organizational structure to ensure speed, clear team responsibilities and mutual goals.
  • Creating a unique, kick-ass company culture.
  • Evaluating your current processes and products regarding digitalization opportunities, providing recommendations on untapped digital transformation potentials.
It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. Scott Belsky, Behance


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  • Stryber @ WeWork Munich, Oscar-von-Miller Ring 20, Germany
  • Phone: on request